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Content Starts Generation X saves the world

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Imagine a world where government does not exist.

No countries. No religion. No fear. No rulers.

Imagine a world where authority does not exist.

No corporations. No institutions. No jails. No rulers.

Humans who incarnate to Earth to enjoy creation as intended by our creator. Humans who have surrendered to love. Humans who fully embrace the beauty of this creation. Humans who have no need for rulers. Complete order without rulers as intended by nature.

Imagine a world where humans do not exploit each other.

Rulers create rules to keep us enslaved so we live in a constant state of fear allowing them to control us for their advantage. Proper indoctrination doesn’t require rules.

No other creature on Earth needs a council of their own to rule them. Maybe now you can begin to see how far gone we are. How far gone from nature we are. How severe the mass psychosis spell society is under.

We have a group of humans who have taken complete control of this matrix. Humans who have manufactured our way of living for their benefit. Every aspect of how we live was manufactured by these humans. The way we interact with each other on a daily basis is all manufactured. These humans have no conscience and are completely disconnected from everything natural. Humans who have completely turned their backs on our creator. THEY LIVE.

Imagine a world with no suffering and raise conscious children so future generations can achieve order without rulers.

It is truly a gift to receive Christ consciousness. Help spread awareness and enlighten your fellow man.

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