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We truly will never understand because we use a human mind to imagine everything. It’s quite ridiculous how serious this reality became. Very, very serious. Matters of consequences and such. This is someone’s entirely fabricated matrix. Reality is a complete illusion. Our minds project everything. Without this human mind, then we can understand how the real world works. LOL. The human mind has severe limitations, but that’s our enslavement as we get farmed by a superior species that operates in a way we can’t even comprehend due to the limitations of our fabricated minds, reality and world. Humans…YOU ARE OWNED. Cubed! Harnessing star power. Who knows. Our little human minds can only imagine so much. LOL. Humans and their pooping. Someone farms this human poop. Gnarly creatures indeed. Humans are gross. What is gross anyway? What are words? Why do we even think? What is thinking anyway? INSANITY.

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