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Content Starts The ones who pull the strings

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Anyone who participates in this system and earns fiat money of any kind, your strings are being pulled. We are all puppets unless we become fully self-sufficient and no longer trade “Monopoly” money. Our paper money is completely worthless and can be printed by the ones who pull the strings. Printing of worthless money creates inflation and is a tool used to control the cost of living forcing certain humans to leave specific areas of the country. Cost of living is high in certain areas as intended. To truly defeat this system, this would require creating our own community where we create and manufacture all of our own wares and food. We would have to work together. This would require revolution. Revolution is extreme so at least vote with your dollars and spend your money with local business. Keep your money in your community. Taxes will be the reason we need to earn money and it should only be used so authority can protect us from savages until we figure it out for ourselves. Avoid corporations. True currency would be exchanging actual gold and silver. Our dollars were backed by gold and silver at one time, but the bankers found a way around this a long time ago. If you are exchanging dollars, your strings are being pulled whether you realize it or not. Participating in this system and trading dollars will always support the ones who pull the strings. Until we end the use of Monopoly money, they will remain in power. Many Americans think of their political leaders as puppets. They are in office to make money. They don’t realize their strings are being pulled. They have many choices they can make, but will ultimately choose the path that makes them the most rich. Anyone who is an entrepreneur making a lot of money, your strings are being pulled. This will not be easy to get away from trading dollars and frequency warfare is being used heavily to keep you locked in this matrix. As long as you earn and trade money, the ones who truly pull the strings will happy dwell in their castles. I plan to build my own castle, but I will be very conscious in how I herd my sheep.

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