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Content Starts We’re forging a new human that has never existed before

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The rainbow warriors will help forge the path into this new age. A golden age that has never existed before. Enlightened humans. Civilized humans. Humans that have surrendered to love. We are being enlightened by a superior species that truly loves mankind. We are no longer animals at one with nature, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this creation as intended. Animals are at one with nature, but they are not civilized. Animals are animals. We are defying nature and forging a human that has never existed before. It was never perfect on Earth. Savagery dominated this realm. We now take everything we have learned from past civilizations and forge a new version of mankind. It will be a most beautiful one world order if we stay determined and fight the evil that prevails. Playskool Blue Eyes will protect the streets so you and yours feel safe any time of the day and night. Protectors of women and children, we work from the shadows. Leo leads the way.

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