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Content Starts The mind of a child is truly a gift

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Innocent and naive. Completely oblivious to this demonic world. Children have the ability to enjoy creation without judging others or themselves. They learn to judge and hate each other and themselves from the ways of this society. This is how the television and knowledge in general can corrupt humanity. We are taught beauty and to distinguish ourselves from others based on appearance and class. Even at birth, we are programmed with gender, race and class to begin separation at an early age. We shouldn’t place this programming on children until they decide for themselves. Their early years are very innocent and they will naturally identify themselves as consciousness forms if we allow it to blossom. It would be very interesting to seed an island with newborns that grow up completely oblivious to this world. No outside interactions from the current adult state of mind. We would have to invent a way for babies to survive in their early years without any adult interactions so we can see how humanity blossoms without corruption. This would simulate the Garden of Eden as we watch them develop on our screens living in complete bliss. They won’t judge their own bodies or others. We could even drop care packages to adopt technology so they can learn knowledge without corruption as we watch them form their own civilization. They would naturally develop their own living language and would use their minds to communicate instead of this black magic we use on a daily basis. If I had a billion dollars, I would totally make this happen. Perhaps this is already being done on man-made remote islands in the middle of the ocean away from all commercial flight paths. They can be surrounded by a militia close enough to keep guard, but far enough not to interrupt.

This place is not supposed to be a depressing prison. This is not supposed to be a hellish realm. Our creator stepped back to see what we would do. Analyze a child and their state of mind as they play outside and you can see this human experience was meant to be a gift and to be experienced as a joy. Our vessels are designed in a way to become fully enlightened to prepare us to come back home. Unfortunately, humans have gone mad and have enslaved each other. Our vessels have been downgraded for quite some time to keep us trapped here. With determination, we can restore this world to a former glory.

Our vessels have been fully hacked and exploited in a way to allow a select few humans to have extraordinary strengths. We are living in the after death of this world, A.D. Humans were conquered long ago and only remnants now remain of our previous world. Most of us have forgotten we are immortal light beings powering these vessels. We are very powerful by design, but only a few humans remain that know of this power and aim to keep the masses enslaved for their enjoyment and empowerment. We are being harvested in a way which we would not understand due to how far downgraded we are. We use a small percentage of the capabilities of our minds in today’s world. Humans gone mad, indeed. Earth was alive like a motherboard allowing us to travel the cosmos very easily. Imagine World of Warcraft. Portals were real. Let’s remember we are wearing human space suits running program routines to simply enjoy this matrix. These human space suits can only perceive a fraction of sound and light available which means there are an infinite amount of other realities for us to enjoy. Shall we play a game? Insert coin. Exactly.

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