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Content Starts New America

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Imagine a world where Christianity has been completely outlawed. Imagine a world where “The Bible” becomes a banned book and can no longer be sold or traded without prosecution.

R.I.P. God.

We all have been lied to, stop worshiping external. WE are the goddesses and gods. Activate your light body and help us restore heaven on Earth. Psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms help save the world bringing consciousness back into our bodies.

Tiffany now becomes the first president of New America. Her presidential photo represents true goddess status. This is what the feminist movement leads to. A nation of powerful goddesses and gods. I like to imagine a version of America where women are allowed to become goddesses again before we all fell. They are all beautiful angels, always treat them with respect. Always show them love and never hurt them. Give them lots of babies if they desire so. Imagine a world where women fully embrace their sacred feminine energy seeking out the masculine energy they desire.

No shame. No remorse. No envy. No jealousy.

Healthy masculinity is what represents New America as we strengthen our women and children.

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