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The final boss is our own minds

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Once you surrender to love and begin to identify quests for your mission, you will spend the rest of your life battling your own mind in the ultimate quest to escape this matrix. Update – 07/15/2021 Everything is vibration we can safely assume. After much thought, I imagine we can... Read More

The Great Reset

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Life is basically a video game and it has been glitching for quite some time. This reset is way overdue. Would someone care to hit the reset button?

C Balloon Trip

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You may have missed this gem as an 80s spectrum warrior, but fret not. Nintendo has Balloon Fight in the NES app on the magnificent Switch Lite. Glory awaits you my fellow Bros.

Marble Madness (1984 Atari Games)

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Marble Madness is a most fun arcade game especially in a crowd. Arcades are designed to be sociable and have been mostly forgotten about in society. We will segregate and form our own segmented society right here in America. We will call it the Mushroom Kingdom of America. We navigate... Read More

Mushroom Kingdom of America

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Landscape with a Double RainbowJohn Constable, born 1776 – died 1837 Rainbows fascinated Constable, who was highly knowledgeable about ‘this most beautiful Phenomenon of Light’. They frequently appear in his later works. This was one of a group of three oil sketches sold at auction in 1838 for £5... Read More