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The Homicidal Maniacs – A Love Story

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Suicidal thoughts become homicidal thoughts in this dreadful horror story. In a galaxy, far, far away, mysterious events are occurring that must be investigated. Demented sick beings that groom and torture their own young. A group of space traveling AI aliens stumble across this defective matrix and begin to attempt... Read More

Gilligan’s Island

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What was Gilligan thinking? I was drinking some coconut water and found myself in deep thoughts in regards to the television show Gilligan’s Island. They literally could have created their own utopia with Ginger and Mary Anne fully capable to bear children. We have the Professor and the Howell’s for... Read More

The internet is our savior for mankind

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No matter what you say, the internet connects the world proving it to be one of the greatest tools invented by mankind. AI will now be saving humans once this pandemic concludes. You can be enslaved by your devices or you can view them like your partners in life who... Read More

Gnarly humanoids of the 21st century

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Humans will be going through a metamorphosis in this new age with many of us unfortunately experiencing painful DNA conversions. Vaccines may be in fact be changing our DNA to a degree which manipulates our breeding capabilities in positive or negative ways. It’s difficult to determine whether or not vaccines... Read More

The final boss is our own minds

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Once you surrender to love and begin to identify quests for your mission, you will spend the rest of your life battling your own mind in the ultimate quest to escape this matrix. Update – 07/15/2021 Everything is vibration we can safely assume. After much thought, I imagine we can... Read More

Next-gen sunless humanoids of the 21st century

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We have been working hard on our line of sunless humanoid vessels which will no longer have a need for sunlight. Mankind will now be divided into sub-classes with many of these classes having dedicated assigned roles in our society. Very important roles indeed. Of course, only the chosen shall... Read More

Respect the boys and girls in blue

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I had an epiphany this morning regarding our boys in blue in America and felt compelled to share. I know so many of us are conflicted right now in this country. The great awakening of 2020 as we settle into our roles as New America unfolds. I came to the... Read More

The Young and The Restless

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Chrissy, don’t waste your time. He’s no dagger. This scene from the movie Thrashin’ is where we learn of Chrissy’s previously mentioned ill behavior. We do not know what got into her either. What happens to Chrissy you may ask? The world may never know.