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Content Starts Psychonaut Variety Hour

I plan to equip my Airstream van with a modified 5g antenna allowing me to broadcast from anywhere in the wild. I plan to have it mounted on a telescoping pole that I will modify as well so I can always catch a signal no matter how far out I am. All of our buses will have solar panels equipped and reconditioned electric car batteries so we always have juice. I would like to host a daily variety hour showcasing my interactions with these humans that ridicule us. I plan to have my warpaint on at all times as I will lead our tribe as the Joker. You are my ninja turtles and together we will form the Spectrum Warriors of America. Feel free to look within if you identify with other characters of the gaming universe as I respect all true warriors. We will be traveling city to city as a caravan over time and I would like to inspire you to keep your dreams alive. Imagine a happy life where we are one with nature. There is no reason for you to suffer, but many parents just don’t understand us. Stay vigilant as I am have mastered my chaos and can show you the true genius within. Stay tuned!

When I get everything situated in my van, I plan to create a Twitch channel so we can game together so you guys don’t feel so lonely as I know how it feels indeed. I will be streaming Famicom Disk System games. <333