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Content Starts Defund the Police

Defunding congress or getting big money out of politics would help everything overall. Ultimately, I want to see America become a nation of warriors with local militias patrolling tight-knit communities. All communities in America should be self-sustaining with renewable energy sources. Humans have no need for government, but eliminating government is impossible at the moment until humanity comes together as a collective.

Currently, police have entirely too much to handle. They are not able to handle crimes against children in an efficient manner. The number of children going missing in America is skyrocketing because the police just don’t have enough resources.

Defunding the police is one step towards becoming a truly free society. This is a delicate process that many cities in America are not ready for in my opinion without much chaos in the beginning due to the corrupt indoctrination of humans.

The people must be well mentally and physically. Places where cannabis has been outlawed – the people are very sick and very much asleep. They do exactly what the system tells them to do. We have entire cities of asleep adults which is very frightening in my opinion.

Cities such as Denver are prime candidates for this initiative because the people have cannabis and mushrooms. Over time we can eradicate drugs such as heroin and meth from the streets so only nature is peddled. Children grow up with access to true medicine and have no need to seek pills or powders.

Defunding the police should be approached in a multi-staged approach beginning with local police departments. The first step would be establishing a syndicate of community citizens that rule and dictate what happens on the street until we have strong numbers. Over time, local authorities will no longer be needed. The way I see it – the police are a gang in blue that operate in a way that makes it challenging to truly work with the public. There are many caring police officers in Denver, but the time has come for change and I believe the citizens of Denver are ready for this change. Many police officers may sign up for these local militias once they are established.

Instead of solely going after the crime, we create programs to eliminate the problems that result in the crime. We increase programs to eliminate homelessness by creating city-sanctioned homeless encampments that are governed by local militias. We will need protection from federal authorities as they handle international threats allowing us to thrive happily in our own worlds. Each state should represent a specific culture so states thrive in a separatist fashion.

These local militias will strike fear in all those who even think about committing a crime. Communities will become alive again. Kids will play outside and feel safe. Every neighborhood will establish local patrol duties. Local militias will call state or federal officials only when absolutely necessary as we can invent new ways to punish offenders.

Homeless encampments are the perfect way to eliminate the homeless as I can find ways to keep them active and contributing beneficially to our society. Many homeless feel invisible to society and truly care about the families they create on the streets. I can help identify the warriors who can help prevent crime from happening. Defunding the police allows us to direct funds to these homeless encampments allowing us to recruit people who truly care about their fellow man. Strength in numbers. With everything in the open, it makes life easier for everyone so no one meets a stranger on the street.

Robots could easily replace the role of securing jails.

When I viewed the above video for the first time, it made me think in-depth about human behavior in modern American society. This woman obviously is very disconnected from her true self and I can easily say she did not grow up on cannabis and mushrooms. She is most likely addicted to synthetic chemicals and is withdrawing. We are warehousing these sick and asleep humans in rooms such as these only making matters worse once they emerge in society again. I envision encampments where we intake criminals and attempt to modify their behavior through means they enjoy allowing them to blossom to their true selves. We can help them find new ways to contribute to society while detoxing from various substances. As you can see, we have a lot of tax dollars at waste. These officers do nothing to rehabilitate jailed offenders. We warehouse Americans in jail to provide paychecks for many. If we reallocate funds to social programs, we would have more capacity to end the warehousing of these individuals. We have to modify the way children are indoctrinated to truly fix society as a whole.

Your tax dollars hard at work. Democracy is in danger in America as many police now enforce fascism. You can protest and destroy your city all you want in the name of BLM and Antifa, but you better not try to spread peace and love. Welcome to The New America, home of demonic police officers. This is tyranny when you enforce laws for a virus that is not deadly whatsoever.

CDC COVID-19 Survival Rates

  • Age 0-19 — 99.997%
  • Age 20-49 — 99.98%
  • Age 50-69 — 99.5%
  • Age 70+ — 94.6%
When citizens in Denver, Colorado call 911 for situations such as these, police do not come out. Instead, paramedics and a mental health professional will arrive. Defund the police and reallocate funding in America to save our children.