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The Wizard (1989 film)

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First and foremost, this movie was way ahead of its time. It captured my attention as a child as it did for all the Toys ‘R’ Us kids. We are indeed special. The message was not fully understood as Super Mario Bros. 3 was all we could think about. I... Read More

The American Child

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America may have the most capital in all of the world but it comes at a grave cost. To be born American is to be born enslaved. We are enslaved in an invisible servitude beginning with vaccines while they finish your mind off with K-12 indoctrination. If you are successful... Read More

Save the children

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In the Mushroom Kingdom, children shall remain children laughing and playing as intended by Nature. We awaken warriors to consciousness as the cosmos is a very dangerous place. This version of society which has caused too much pain and suffering during children’s teen years will be no more. Children are... Read More

The best is yet to come

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Silly human, you will see. Humanity shall come together as masters of the universe dominating the cosmos with love. All one! All aboard the Mushroom Kingdom Express! #1776 We are in the midst of a war between gods that both previously despised humans. We can surrender to love and escape... Read More

Love is all you need.

Safe haven for souls

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I possess many souls that were lost and similar to my DNA. We are building our own righteous path to exit this matrix. As I continue in my awakening and plug into my spinal tap, I will continuously seek knowledge. I will be collecting books and will share them in... Read More