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The gift of forgetting

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This is the gift we have all forgotten because many of us have forgotten how simple it is to enjoy life and how easy it can be to simply be happy. Our consciousness vibrates on a level that allows us to live completely engulfed in our own imaginary worlds for... Read More

Respect the boys and girls in blue

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I had an epiphany this morning regarding our boys in blue in America and felt compelled to share. I know so many of us are conflicted right now in this country. The great awakening of 2020 as we settle into our roles as New America unfolds. I came to the... Read More

Fun topics of conversation

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Different indoctrination styles. I find indoctrination very fascinating, so should you. Let us discuss. Yay. Instead of the typical parenting roles, we have mentors and other shamanic types of leaders who lead the children as a collective to form cosmic warriors. Each of my communes will test different forms of... Read More

Your thoughts are not always YOUR thoughts

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Your subconscious thinking is influenced by outside forces at play. Many of your actions are heavily influenced by other humans using you for their dirty deeds. Humans have mastered mind control. Many of these humans have full use of their minds and pineal glands. These humans have activated powers that... Read More

Mushroom Kingdom of America

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Landscape with a Double RainbowJohn Constable, born 1776 – died 1837 Rainbows fascinated Constable, who was highly knowledgeable about ‘this most beautiful Phenomenon of Light’. They frequently appear in his later works. This was one of a group of three oil sketches sold at auction in 1838 for £5... Read More