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Content Starts Survival

Faraday fabric will shield your body from harmful frequencies being broadcast through our cellular networks. 5G is making us all sick if you are not practicing shielding. I will be creating my own clothing and other items to enclose my living areas to remain completely free of harmful frequency in the air. I am looking to purchase this material in bulk and will sell it directly on my site for you guys in smaller affordable pieces at a later time. For now, you can find it overseas until I figure out if someone is producing this fabric in America. I will begin to manufacture my own line of faraday fabric when I have enough resources.
Uncle Sam understands the importance of faraday fabric.
All of our buses and vans will be fully insulated with faraday fabric.
Cosmic warriors of the 21st century understand the importance of shielding harmful frequencies.
All huts on our communes will be insulated with faraday fabric.
Let’s begin to manufacture all clothing utilizing faraday fabric. I believe we can invent something more stylish than these examples.
We all used to laugh at the idea of tin foil hats. It is now imperative we protect our minds with faraday fabric head gear.