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Content Starts The Galactic Federation of Earth

True rainbow men have wildcard DNA. I came across the American Indian Movement in my searches and felt inspired by their work over the decades. I happen to use the original artwork that was on their flag from the 1960’s as my site banner. The author has made it available for public domain use for which I am very grateful for. Thank you Tripodero. If I happen to use any copyrighted material that anyone may own and you would like for me to take it down, please use the contact form and I will gladly concur. Unity is the number one goal for mankind. Once unity is achieved, humans will join the ranks of other intelligent species and become a member of the galactic federation. We have much work to do. The new age will now begin to emerge.

My idea to build this network of communes can align with the Indian reservations of America. We both must separate and strengthen at this time. This new world order can work in our favor if we both work hard and strengthen our communities away from the turmoil that will be worsening over the next decade.

This page will become a resource for truth, history and fun facts. I welcome everyone to share these images on their favorite social media. Keep your vibes high. Over and out.

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