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Finviz – Insider Trading

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We can use this website to view stock trades made by CEOs and other directors of large firms. We can also use the following website to view stock trades made by politicians. Leave comments below if you would like to recommend any other websites which can help with... Read More

Our Lord’s best friend

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Imagination and wonder. Indeed. Imagine every state in America having large community gardens where hippies can park their vans and camp. We all plant various plants, fruits and vegetables and tend to our gardens as a collective. Togetherness. No one owns anything. We share everything because we have such an... Read More

Order without rulers

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In order to achieve order without rulers, we need to correct indoctrination. Humans are gnarly creatures to say the least. They have sneaky ways and exploit each other to get ahead. We are completely driven by libido. If we had a world full of enlightened citizens, then it could work,... Read More

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