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Roundup causes high levels of mortality following contact exposure in bumble bees

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A healthy male frog (bottom) mates with a male turned female by exposure to the chemical atrazine.

Common weed killer makes male frogs lay eggs

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Atrazine was first registered as an herbicide in 1958. More than 70 million pounds have been applied annually in recent years, with about 75% of corn cropland receiving treatment. According to Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes, “Atrazine chemically castrates and feminizes exposed male amphibians, thereby negatively impacting reproductive potential. Pesticides like... Read More

Tomato tree in Epcot’s Land Pavilion breaks world record

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This tomato tree resides in an experimental greenhouse which produced a world record of over 32,000 tomatoes! Mind boggling! I found another video about a Japanese researcher who filtered x-ray and ultraviolet light, so the tomato tree only received pure light producing a massive tomato tree with over 15,000 tomatoes!... Read More

Dolphin-assisted childbirth

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Painless delivery. Increased size and IQ. Florida. Dolphins are very fascinated with pregnant women. They are especially fascinated with women who go into labor. They will circle the mother when in labor as they use sonar to help your delivery become painless. We want our women to swim with dolphins... Read More

Proper facial structure and posture

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People before industrial civilization did not get impacted wisdom teeth. An indigenous diet is important. Shilajit resin and sea moss daily. Do not allow babies to become mouth breathers. Image 3. Basic differences in facial development of (top) a nose- and (bottom) a mouth-breather. Image 4. Skull of a pre-industrial human... Read More

Our human vessel is a light being of sorts

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This just blows my mind away! We’re light beings and we shine as bright as stars, but maybe we just can’t see our own light. I don’t know! It blows my mind away! We are full of energized hydrogen just like the sun and after discovering this article below, it’s... Read More


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Trust the universe. We have so much to be grateful for. Never take for granted the knowledge we possess. As you journey through life, make all activities a fun quest.

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