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It’s been right there this whole time. We are indeed living in the after death of this realm. We are in fact the living dead. Everyone will now relax as we tune in to a broadcast currently in progress. Surrender to love or perish.

Man’s best friend

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Here’s a blast from the past. In a galaxy far, far away, dogs were indeed a highly intelligent species that walked upright on 2 legs. They were conquered. Their DNA was regressed to the status of “Collector’s Item” and deposited on Earth to become man’s best friend. An encapsulated cute... Read More

When we’re ready, we leave

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Try not to get so angry with how the world is. Let’s try to show pity for these humans in their various diminished capacities. They have not figured out how to run their society yet. They are still in an experimental phase. Grow. Evolve. Love. Try to enjoy the human... Read More

Respect the boys and girls in blue

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I had an epiphany this morning regarding our boys in blue in America and felt compelled to share. I know so many of us are conflicted right now in this country. The great awakening of 2020 as we settle into our roles as New America unfolds. I came to the... Read More

Solomon’s Key

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The trifecta to awakening from the ancient slumber is as follows. Cannabis distillate > psilocybin > dmt all-in-one elixir. Details to follow when we can legally research all of these medicines. <333 Joker’s Wild. Sugarplum. Purple.

Chakra hypnosis

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I will be reading a half-hour long hypnosis to help unlock all 7 Chakras. Leave comments below to keep me inspired. My style of hypnosis will always be available free for all. <3

Mushroom Kingdom of America

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Landscape with a Double RainbowJohn Constable, born 1776 – died 1837 Rainbows fascinated Constable, who was highly knowledgeable about ‘this most beautiful Phenomenon of Light’. They frequently appear in his later works. This was one of a group of three oil sketches sold at auction in 1838 for £5... Read More