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Content Starts Darknet Operators Guide

I want this guide to help you find what you are looking for on the Darknet safely. The Tor Browser unlocks the internet and allows full access to the internet across the entire network. No restrictions. No censorship.

Know that we are watching. Don’t try to hide what you are doing on the Darknet. If you are using the Darknet to access areas of the web for child pedophilia, we will know and we will shut you down. If you use the Darknet to access drugs that we do not want on the streets of America, we will know and we will shut you down. Raise your vibrations and start consuming psychedelics to overcome any perversions or addictions you have. All humans have darkness they must shed light on and psychedelics are the key to save humanity.

The Tor browser allows safe access to the Darknet. Use the following link to download the browser for your operating system.

Use the following link so you can obtain the latest mirrors for all available markets.

If you have a bank, use Coinbase to purchase Bitcoin which is the most commonly used currency on the Darknet.

If you do not have a banking account and would like to use a prepaid card to purchase Bitcoin, make sure you purchase a prepaid card like the Walmart Paypal card which allows international purchases. The following site is a safe place to purchase Bitcoin with prepaid cards. You will have to provide identification due to regulations. It is completely safe to purchase Bitcoin and it is a great investment as the price of Bitcoin will only go up over the years.

You will need to buy a testing kit so you can confirm your psychedelics are legit. There are a lot of synthetic drugs on the streets and we aim to eradicate all of them. Our mission is to see cannabis and psychedelics dominate the streets so kids have access to true medicine.

We are fighting an invisible war here in America. This war has been going on for decades. Their mission is to destroy the American dream and our way of life. Many cities are saturated with synthetic drugs destroying the minds of our American children. Don’t peddle drugs that destroy children. We will be shutting down people that peddle these drugs in this New World Order.

The following site will help open your mind to the depth of how far the internet goes. Enjoy traveling down the rabbit hole. <3

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