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A band of misfits

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Hybrid cosmic warriors of the 21st century. New America has mastered all aspects of all civilizations. Past, present, and future. Cheerful and merry, we enjoy life on life’s terms. We flow with the ups and downs of life embracing and accepting all emotions. We show love in all aspects of... Read More

Light comes from darkness

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Know these 3 things. Love is light. Love is darkness. Love is a constant lesson in this realm. Light comes from darkness. Source is nirvana. As we integrate more and more with nature, humans will re-discover free energy which harnesses cosmic forces from Mother Earth as she travels through the... Read More

Nature’s multivitamin

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It has become quite clear how therapeutic consuming the yolks of eggs can be. We do not consume the albumen of the egg. Boil your eggs and discard the albumen consuming only the yolk. You may ask why only duck and quail eggs? These eggs are alkaline-forming and they have... Read More


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We can create our own star right here on Earth! Nuclear fission possibly, but nothing that can hurt Mother Earth. Remember, we are guardians of Mother Earth! She shall keep our Mushroom Kingdom full of life. After all, 123 is the key to source.