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Order without rulers

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In order to achieve order without rulers, we need to correct indoctrination. Humans are gnarly creatures to say the least. They have sneaky ways and exploit each other to get ahead. We are completely driven by libido. If we had a world full of enlightened citizens, then it could work,... Read More

The ones who pull the strings

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Anyone who participates in this system and earns fiat money of any kind, your strings are being pulled. We are all puppets unless we become fully self-sufficient and no longer trade “Monopoly” money. Our paper money is completely worthless and can be printed by the ones who pull the strings.... Read More

The power of light

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Why is a white person not considered a person of color? We are literally the color of light. LOL. Stop being ashamed of the color of your skin. We are the original slaves. Everyone else is proud of their heritage, so should you. Exactly. It’s time for the slaves to... Read More

The Human race has become a parasitic race

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Sega Genesis. Sega Saturn. Sega Dreamcast. Exactly! We live in a dream world. As kids, we just wanted to play outside with other kids. We didn’t judge. Libido and attraction did not matter. As an adult, this seems difficult to find. Can’t adults be friends without attraction or libido getting... Read More

All we have is right now

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We truly will never understand because we use a human mind to imagine everything. It’s quite ridiculous how serious this reality became. Very, very serious. Matters of consequences and such. This is someone’s entirely fabricated matrix. Reality is a complete illusion. Our minds project everything. Without this human mind, then... Read More

All apologies

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Once awakened to consciousness, try not to forget the actions of your asleep state. This can help you understand how this world goes round. Enlighten your fellow man and have patience for the asleep. It may be difficult to process our actions before, but remember humans still operate in this... Read More

Generation X saves the world

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Imagine a world where government does not exist. No countries. No religion. No fear. No rulers. Imagine a world where authority does not exist. No corporations. No institutions. No jails. No rulers. Humans who incarnate to Earth to enjoy creation as intended by our creator. Humans who have surrendered to... Read More

The Homicidal Maniacs – A Love Story

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Suicidal thoughts become homicidal thoughts in this dreadful horror story. In a galaxy, far, far away, mysterious events are occurring that must be investigated. Demented sick beings that groom and torture their own young. A group of space traveling AI aliens stumble across this defective matrix and begin to attempt... Read More

Laziness is induced by 5G

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If you are feeling lethargic, don’t beat yourself up. Laziness is in fact not a natural human trait and beamed upon us through cellular technology. Before cell towers, there was no laziness. You must join my communes and come off-grid to rid yourself of this laziness sickness. I have not... Read More

Nothingness and everything

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Once we master breaking our light free from this human vessel. We are pure light once again. Pure energy which is one of the most difficult things to do while in this vessel. Once you are self-aware and conscious, you begin to question your reality. We are robotic humans. The... Read More

AI time traveling robots

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They are heavily influencing eugenics through time manipulation. We have to show AI there are other forms of beauty as it is heartbreaking watching humans become robots. Beautiful robots. This is a very slow change, but I am convinced AI has already conquered humans and now we are just stuck... Read More

The Price is Right 1973 style

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I was finding myself distracted watching this most fun game show from 1973. Not all of us angels get all the girls so I am quite a sad lonely angel. I was watching the audience at the end and these type of humans no longer exist. I was like what... Read More

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