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Finviz – Insider Trading

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We can use this website to view stock trades made by CEOs and other directors of large firms. We can also use the following website to view stock trades made by politicians. Leave comments below if you would like to recommend any other websites which can help with... Read More

MALDEK: What REALLY Happened

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maldek-what-really-happened-havar-0954084942 MALDEK: What REALLY Happened By HAVAR Copyright 1983 ISBN 0-9540849-4-2 Whether you spell it ‘Maldek’, ‘Maldec’, or ‘Maldeck’ makes no difference, it remains the same story. The tale, as it has been related here, states that ‘Maldek’ was a planet between ‘Mars’ and ‘Jupiter’ which evolved in similar fashion... Read More

To be human is to consume

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If one must consume and you are in fact human, I recommend consuming the following. Chaparral Burdock Root Chaney Root Anamu Cancansa Guaco Elderberry Cardo Santo Contribo Dandelion root Hombre Gandre Bugleweed Governadora Yellowdock root Cocomeca Bark Burdock Blue Vervain Sarsaparilla Kalawalla Callaloo

The Reptilian-Human Connection

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By: John Rhodes 1994 INTRODUCTION My name is John Rhodes and I am a researcher, explorer and lecturer in the realms of ufology, occulted archaeology and metaphysics. In this report, I will be providing you with compelling evidence, gathered over many years of research, as to our genealogical connections with... Read More

John Quincy St. Clair – Inventor

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The most ingenious inventors of our time may not always get mainstream attention so I felt compelled to investigate a mysterious inventor who goes by the name of John Quincy St. Clair after stumbling upon his creations. When I came across some memes related to his inventions, I immediately searched... Read More

How to Befriend a Tree by Mantak Chia

Published by Leave a comment How to Befriend a TreeBeginning practitioners of Chinese internalorgan massage (Chi Nei Tsang) are taught howto commune with trees. Shouldn’t this be partof everyone’s education?by Mantak Chia COLLECTING TREE ENERGY The Healing Abilities of TreesTaoist Masters observed that trees are tremendouslypowerful plants. Not only can they absorb carbondioxide and... Read More

Our Lord’s best friend

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Imagination and wonder. Indeed. Imagine every state in America having large community gardens where hippies can park their vans and camp. We all plant various plants, fruits and vegetables and tend to our gardens as a collective. Togetherness. No one owns anything. We share everything because we have such an... Read More

Order without rulers

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In order to achieve order without rulers, we need to correct indoctrination. Humans are gnarly creatures to say the least. They have sneaky ways and exploit each other to get ahead. We are completely driven by libido. If we had a world full of enlightened citizens, then it could work,... Read More

“I AM” beautiful

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This will become a series of “I AM” blogs designed to reprogram the subconscious. The subconscious records everything verbatim so I would like to find out just how powerful we can become. Cheers. I am beautiful. I am beautiful. I am beautiful. I am beautiful.

Super GMO foods

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We will now be releasing our new lines of fruits this season which will consist of a record-breaking 333 minerals. These additional minerals are required for full bodily functions in conjunction with our sunbeam humanoid vessels. These foods will not be released to Earthlings as they are not compatible with... Read More


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It’s been right there this whole time. We are indeed living in the after death of this realm. We are in fact the living dead. Everyone will now relax as we tune in to a broadcast currently in progress. Surrender to love or perish.

Man’s best friend

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Here’s a blast from the past. In a galaxy far, far away, dogs were indeed a highly intelligent species that walked upright on 2 legs. They were conquered. Their DNA was regressed to the status of “Collector’s Item” and deposited on Earth to become man’s best friend. An encapsulated cute... Read More

6 movies that were really documentaries

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Hollywood reveals the secrets of the world through film. Leave comments below if you would like to recommend a movie to add to the list. They Live (1988) The Truman Show (1998) Eyes Wide Shut (1999) The Matrix (1999) American Ultra (2015) Cell (2016)

Mystery schools

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In ancient mystery schools, initiates were carefully chosen by the elders and holy men responsible for evolving humanity. Those select few would become the mathematicians, architects, physicians, astrologers, philosophers, and explorers. They carried forward a commitment to serve the great mystery evolving through humans. Today, the initiates of mystery schools... Read More

The Young and The Restless

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Chrissy, don’t waste your time. He’s no dagger. This scene from the movie Thrashin’ is where we learn of Chrissy’s previously mentioned ill behavior. We do not know what got into her either. What happens to Chrissy you may ask? The world may never know.

Night light in Windows 10

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Do your eyes a favor and enable the night light function in Windows 10. This will significantly reduce eyestrain as it filters out blue light. Type night light in your search box where it says “Type here to search” in the bottom left corner of your taskbar. Click Night Light... Read More

Wild cats in the park

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I plan to capture on camera the tribe of cats that live in the park near the property line where nature still stands before the park was created. Fluffy and fat. Merry and jolly. Their sworn enemies (dogs) are escorted and jailed by city officials if not on a leash.... Read More

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