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Content Starts Dolphin-assisted childbirth

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Painless delivery. Increased size and IQ. Florida.

Dolphins are very fascinated with pregnant women. They are especially fascinated with women who go into labor. They will circle the mother when in labor as they use sonar to help your delivery become painless. We want our women to swim with dolphins every day. They use sonar to help with the development of the unborn child. Studies show children born with dolphins develop faster, speak faster and have a higher IQ. Dolphins are much more intelligent than humans but unlike humans, they are at one with nature and not self-aware. Humans have been tampered with on so many levels as they no longer live as natural humans at one with nature. Only humans question their existence.

I AM friends with many dolphins.

Can Dolphins Stimulate Brain Growth in Babies? – ABC News (

I gave birth with dolphins — Gentle Birth Method

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