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Super GMO foods

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We will now be releasing our new lines of fruits this season which will consist of a record-breaking 333 minerals. These additional minerals are required for full bodily functions in conjunction with our sunbeam humanoid vessels. These foods will not be released to Earthlings as they are not compatible with... Read More

Mystery schools

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In ancient mystery schools, initiates were carefully chosen by the elders and holy men responsible for evolving humanity. Those select few would become the mathematicians, architects, physicians, astrologers, philosophers, and explorers. They carried forward a commitment to serve the great mystery evolving through humans. Today, the initiates of mystery schools... Read More

Wild cats in the park

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I plan to capture on camera the tribe of cats that live in the park near the property line where nature still stands before the park was created. Fluffy and fat. Merry and jolly. Their sworn enemies (dogs) are escorted and jailed by city officials if not on a leash.... Read More

They Live (1988 film)

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If you are in fact human then you will now find yourself naturally compelled to watch this movie. I demand for you to sit back and consume this entertainment brought to you by the wizards of Hollywood.  

Dolphins are superior creatures of Earth

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I have always loved dolphins and after reading many articles related to them, I can honestly say they are much more intelligent than us. Just look at them in the ocean. Straight vibin’. Check out this worldy information from the beyond. Footage from a new BBC documentary series, “Spy in... Read More

Mind Reset Tool

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I will be developing this page as a resource and tool to help reset thinking patterns. We represent a segregated class of humans which will naturally become the guardians of Earth. You will now begin to understand and surrender to the cosmic duality of love. You will begin to activate... Read More

Light, darkness, love

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Remember these 3 things. Awakening to consciousness, we discover our purpose. You are a galactic warrior from where source comes from. This is not home. END MESSAGE I have surrendered to love. I am fully plugged into source. I want to meet all of your pals. <3

Love is all you need.

Mushroom Kingdom Guidelines

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Welcome to nirvana. Source energy vibing rocking human vessels. Be happy living under a tree. Food grows year round as you can see. Want more? Become an artist like me. Paint the world with your creations. Rich in the heart. Stay true to yourself. The world comes to you. I... Read More

Felines are delightful

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Ask the Jaguar gnawing on the ayahuasca, they will lead the way. Felines demand respect, find power in solitude, and offer a very deep love that must be earned. Much respect. As humans, we are guardians of the Earth. We must protect indigenous creatures and their beautiful habitats they emerge... Read More

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